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EM100 Application Server

The Ultimate All in ONE

EM100 replaces traditional PC server based SCADA software by simplifying software setup and configuration by a single built-in hardware. There is no need for PC server installation to run any software. Suitable for commercial or industrial installations with robust hardware.

Automatic control algorithms mimic the same mechanism as a PLC where users can utilize the Variables & Formulas manager for industrial control applications. Everything is built inside this amazing hardware!

EM100 Overall Feature

Built-in WEB HTML5.0 server with 300+ programmable variables, logics and formulas for customizing different applications 

Hardware Specifications
  • ARM9
  • Embedded Linux
  • 256MB RAM
  • 1GB Flash Memory
  • 6 x AI, 6 x DI
  • Expandable I/O Option
  • 2 x RS485
  • 2 x LAN
  • -20C to 70C Operating Temp
  • 24VDC Power Input 
Built-in Software
  • Energy Management & Analysis
  • HTML5.0 SCADA Server
  • TOU Billing Engine
  • Alarm Manager
  • Formulas & Variable Manager
  • Big Data Client
  • PLC Logic Manager
  • Modbus RS485/RS232/TCP
  • Bacnet MS/TCP
  • JSON
  • HTTP
  • KNX (soon)
  • FTP
  • Customization upon request

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